Nacogdoches Fraternity remembers fallen soldier and brother

Photograph of Kile West
Photograph of Kile West

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) – Lt. Kile West was 23-years-old when he died in duty, on Memorial Day of 2007, while serving in Iraq.

West was a Stephen F. Austin graduate, and a Delta Chi alumnus.

Saturday, fraternity brothers held an alumni challenge to raise money in his honor.

It was a special time to bond with brothers as they remembered one of their own and the sacrifice he made.

"He was killed by a bomb when he was in his humvee and I mean anytime that we can have a brother and a soldier, I mean you got to pay your respects," said President of the Delta Chi Fraternity SFA Chapter, William Yull.

"The mission that he passed on was actually a volunteer mission to go rescue some down helicopter pilots and that just speaks volumes about the type of guy he was," said alumnus Justin Fox.

Both active Delta Chi members and alumni from throughout Texas gathered to raise money, in their fallen brother's honor.

"It's really helped bring this chapter together and build the bond between us," said Fox.

Those that knew him well, and those who only knew his name, participated in the event, taking each other on in various sporting events.

"We're going to tally up the points and ultimately we're going to have a winner but all of the money that's donated to this is going to go the Kile West foundation," said Yull.

All of the proceeds will benefit incoming SFA Freshmen.

"We've got between $600 and $700 and hopefully we'll get up to $1,000," said Yull.

The brothers plan to continue Kile's legacy.

"Kile was probably one of the best people I knew all around. He was one of those guys that really didn't fit the fraternity guy image. He was a genuine person. He really wanted to do good things for other people," said Fox.

Fundraising allows them to do good in Kile's honor.

"It's hard for people to do what they want to do and if we can be a part of helping people further their education and personally grow, you know, we're more than happy to do that," said Fox.

If you want to donate to the Kile West foundation, email Delta Chi alumnus Ryan Sowards at

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