Nacogdoches could see same-sex classrooms

Superintendent of Education Dr. Karen Halverson.
Superintendent of Education Dr. Karen Halverson.
School board member Jay Knott.
School board member Jay Knott.

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - If there's enough interest, a same-sex classroom will be introduced in the fall for interested sixth graders at each of the middle schools in Nacogdoches.

Middle school boys and girls seem to do it naturally. They branch off in circles with friends of the same sex. So why not carry it on into the classroom?

"Now we're finding out because of the brain research that's being done that there are actual physiological differences in the anatomy of the brains of boys and girls. They learn differently," said Dr. Karen Halverson, the superintendent of education.

Competitive boys may be taught through games, while girls tend to do well with collaborative instruction. Researchers say one advantage to same sex classrooms is that you put a bunch of girls together they stay really focused on their work.

But introduce at least one boy into the classroom and distractions begin.

School board member Jay Knott knows all about flirting.

"I can tell you, I can't name all the stupid stuff I've done over the course of my lifetime to attract the attention of one female or another, so yeah, I think it's a definite possibility,"said Knott.

Which is why Knott and his wife are seriously considering enrolling their daughter in the pilot single-gender class next year.

If enough parents agree, the same gender classes will be canceled.  Educators strongly believe there are enough parents and students willing to give it a try.

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