Lufkin man found not-guilty of aggravated assault

Jacorie Mitchell, alleged victim
Jacorie Mitchell, alleged victim
Tonya Lewis, Gerald Lacy's aunt
Tonya Lewis, Gerald Lacy's aunt

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – An Angelina County jury found a Lufkin man not-guilty of aggravated assault Tuesday. Gerald Lacy was accused of brutally beating a Diboll man almost 18 months ago. Police said that fight sparked a violent retaliation against the accused man's family.

What started as a simple argument spiraled into a brutal fight, putting Jacorie Mitchell in the hospital for three days and Gerald Lacy on trial. Lacy's charged with aggravated assault.

Lacy's aunt, Tonya Lewis, said the fight was blown out of proportion.

"It was just a street fight, it was a fight that's all it was, was a fight," said Lewis, Lacy's aunt.

Diboll Police see it a little differently. Police records from the December 2008 fight show Mitchell suffered from a bi frontal hematoma, which is a serious head injury. He also suffered from a split lip that required ten stitches.

"He was in the hospital true enough. They trying to put it out like he was dying. That boy was not dying," said Lewis.

Lacy's aunt believes her nephew shouldn't be on trial. She said the fight spurred a revenge attack on her house.

Lewis said Mitchell's family vandalized her home on December 8, 2008, exactly one day after the fight. Although no one was hurt, she said it shook her up.

"They busted every window out of my house. They bust my doors down. They had took all my kids Christmas toys, even took the Christmas tree."

Next, she said Mitchell's family targeted her sister's home. "Then they left from there and they came to my sister's house. Some were in the front, some were in the back. They were shooting up all in my sister's house and we had babies inside the house."

According to police records, the revenge attacks happened because no one tried to stop the fight. Lewis hopes her nephew's reputation isn't ruined.

"They're trying to put it off like my nephew's a bad person and my nephew's not. He's never been in trouble."

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