Good Morning East Texas Headlines 04-28-10


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: Some members of the U.S. Senate are calling on Facebook to do more to protect users' privacy. We'll have a live report from Washington, D.C. on some of the steps they want the social networking site to take.

Top executives of Goldman Sachs got hammered during a Senate hearing on Tuesday. We'll tell you if their testimony is having any impact on the debate over new regulations for Wall Street.

A wildlife rehabilitator is treating a bald eagle that was shot in East Texas. We'll tell you why federal investigators will try to find out who's responsible for wounding the bird.

And...our Joe Terrell will roll up his sleeves to try out the "Dawn Power Dissolver" to find out..."Does It Work?"


We are waking up to a very cool start this morning with most areas in the middle to upper 40s. The coolest spot I could find was out at the UT-HSCT weather net site at the University Health Science Center in Tyler with 41 degrees. With plenty of sunshine today we will see temperatures reach the upper 70s to near 80 this afternoon. Winds will begin to increase out of the south bringing in Gulf moisture.  Speaking of winds, tomorrow will be warm and very windy with highs reaching the middle 80s. Winds tomorrow afternoon will be out of the south around 20 to 25 mph gusting as high as 40 mph at times.

It looks as though the stage is being set for a prolonged threat of severe weather starting Friday. Right now, most of East Texas is under a slight risk of severe weather for both Friday and Saturday. This could continue through next Monday when a cold front will move through and dry us out. Stay tuned for the latest as we are climatologically entering our peak for severe weather in East Texas.


East Texas congressman proposing immigration bill

East Texas State Representative Leo Berman says he will introduce immigration legislation like the law recently approved in Arizona.

Nacogdoches could see same-sex classrooms

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - If there's enough interest, a same-sex classroom will be introduced in the fall for interested sixth graders at each of the middle schools in Nacogdoches.


WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democrats will try another test vote today on the financial overhaul. Republicans have blocked the bill twice so far in an effort to nudge Democrats into making some changes that would put a GOP imprint on the legislation. Few doubt that the Senate will eventually pass a broad overhaul of financial regulations.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The world has a new top terror region and it's not the Middle East. Statistics compiled by a U.S. intelligence agency in a new report says an increase in terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan give the distinction to South Asia. The statistics show that thousands of civilians - most of them Muslim - continue to be slaughtered by extremists.

GUANGZHOU, China (AP) - A primary school in southern China became a scene of horror today when a man wounded 18 students and a teacher in knife attack. The official Xinhua News Agency did not give any other details on the attack. It came the same day Xinhua reported that a man who stabbed eight schoolchildren to death last month had been executed.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - It's nearly May but a spring storm in northern New York and New England is making it look more like December. More than a foot of snow has fallen and some of the heaviest-hit places are in Vermont. The snow is expected to continue through this morning.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) - Texas has executed inmate Samuel Bustamante for fatally stabbing an illegal immigrant from Mexico during a robbery attempt in 1998. The 40-year-old inmate did not make a final statement last night. He's the seventh prisoner put to death in Texas this year.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm expects to appoint a new police chief today. Three Dallas assistant police chiefs are in the running. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo withdrew as a finalist and says he'll remain the top officer in the Texas capital.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Eric Holder says the federal government is reviewing Arizona's new immigration law and may challenge it. The law requires state law enforcement officials to ask people for documentation if they're thought to be in the country illegally.