Crockett Housing Authority residents react to drug searches

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - By Jena Johnson - email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Some Houston County Housing Authority residents are angry after receiving a letter warning them drug dogs will search around their homes, saying it's a violation of their civil rights.

Sammy Davis has lived in the complex for 35 years. He says for the most part he's been happy there, but he's less than thrilled about a certain letter warning residents drug dogs will search the property.

"I'm kind of hurt by it because I mean I've been have a long time and a law aint never come to my house and said they're gonna bring a drug dog or something," Davis said.

The housing authority director said there's a massive drug problem in the projects. Resident Bill Hollman disagrees.

"It's embarrassing because nobody here do drugs," Hollman said. "We just stick to ourselves, mind our own business."

Some residents said they think the drug dogs are a good idea. But they didn't want to be interviewed in fear of retaliation from their neighbors.

According to the housing authority director, drug dogs will search, at random, the outside of apartments, not the inside. Even though it's not breaking a law, residents say it's crossing a line.

"It's invading people's privacy," Hollman said.

"Well, I've got rights too, I have right," Davis said. "They want to bring 'em on. They aint gonna find nothing."

If illegal drugs are found, residents will have three days to pack up and move out.

"Far as they bringing dogs around my house about drugs, that's wrong," Davis said.

The housing authority says they just want to create a safe place for kids to grow up without drug traffic running them over.

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