COPY-Lufkin residents excited about street repairs

By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It may not look like much, but soon residents on Holland Street will have a better road. Mattie Lynch has lived along the road for 50 years and says it is the first time she's seen the road re-surfaced.

"No, nothing has been done to this road, but what is done now, they would patch it," Lynch said. "They patch it often, but it would soon wear off."

"They'll come in and do the potholes and then it rained and it comes back up and on the other end, down on that end down there, it stays, its humps and bumps," Berta Curl said.

"It's a bumpy road," Rhonda Borter said. "I usually don't come down this street. I go around the other way."

The roads in Lufkin are evaluated every other year and this is just one of 22 streets the city is re-surfacing. Neighbors say they're glad to see all the equipment out here.

"I was so happy to hear those trucks this morning and see them grating it up yesterday," Lynch said.

"I heard all grunting and I said, 'What's going on out there?' so my provider came to the door and she looked and said, 'Oh, they're doing something, scraping the road,'" Curl said. "I said 'Scraping the road?' I said 'Goody, goody, goody.'"

Once city council approves the changes, workers spend the summer on Lufkin's worst roads, laying down new pavement and repairing drainage.

"We have about 700 to 800 thousand dollars per budget year to spend on overlays and street repairs," said Deputy City Manager Keith Wright. "So, then we select streets out of each ward that are below that level or have the most need."

"I said, 'Hallelujah!'" Borter said. "I'm a taxpayer and it's finally going to go back to my street, praise the Lord."

After being hit hard by the December tornado, residents on this street in the Lufkin Land area say the new road is their silver lining.

"When I go to Bible study tonight, I probably will almost shout at Bible study just telling them about this," Lynch said.

"This is a good sign, right here, right here," Curl said. "I like it."

Other streets slated for repairs:

Williams Street (Abney to Wilson)

Fair Street (Wilson to Hoo Hoo)

Forest Park Street (Melvin to Timberland)

Williams Street (Keltys to Wilson)

Holland Street (Knight to Wood)

McKinney Street (Freeman to McHale)

Montrose Street (Timberland to Conn)

Desert Willow Street (Willow Oak to Willow Bend)

York Drive (Tulane to 1396 feet east)

Oak Shadows Street (Bartmess to end of pavement)

Bruce Street (Slack to cul-de-sac)

Baltusrol Street (Winged Foot to cul-de-sac)

Sea Pines Street (Crown Colony to cul-de-sac)

Sunset Street (Hackney to Sunset)

Allendale Street (Reen to McGregor)

Mossfield Street (Allendale to John Redditt)

Hill Street (Raguet to Lotus Lane)

Paul Street (First to Chestnut)

Stark Street (Wood to end of pavement)

Bell Street (Hoskins to Humason)

Lane Drive (Feagin to Mott)

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