Astros Lance Berkman's bat lands in Lufkin

By Nick James - bio | email

LUFKIN- (KTRE) Take me out to the ball game, but don't let me get hit with a bat in the process.  For Dorian Rodriguez and his mother Silvia Maldonado that was almost the case last Sunday at the Astros game when Lance Berkman was at the plate, he swung and missed and his bat went flying into the stands.  The lucky Lufkin lady snatched it up and gave it to her son.  But was it luck because they didn't have the seats over the first base dugout until just minutes before the first pitch.

"At first we had got some other seats and they were for May 9th and we turned them in and checked them in and we got some better seats that were for that day and we got those seats," Rodriguez said.

The dream didn't last long when Berkman wanted the bat back; so the hopes for a souvenir on the afternoon were almost shattered.

"The officials came and they were like hey Lance is still up to bat he wants his bat because he hit a homerun with this bat the inning prior.  It was his first homerun of the season so superstition he wanted to keep his bat and so I didn't want to give it up and everyone around me starts booing "give it back give it back, so I did, " Maldonado said.

But "Sir Lance A Lot" had a change of heart when he realized their was a crack in his sword that he does damage with.

"He grabs the bat and looks at it sees it's cracked tells the guy to give it back to her and he gives it to the batboy, they give him a fresh one. Gives it to the camera guy who gives it to us and he says it yours and we were like woo."

Berkman, eventually flied out a couple pitches later to left field but the Astros won the game 10-3 over the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Plus the bat came back to Lufkin where it now sits at La Unica restaurant.

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