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Neighbors shocked about Shelby capital murder arrests

Rex Calhoun mug shot courtesy of Shelby County Jail. Rex Calhoun mug shot courtesy of Shelby County Jail.
Lana Calhoun mug shot courtesy of Shelby County Jail. Lana Calhoun mug shot courtesy of Shelby County Jail.
Audrey Oliver Audrey Oliver
Sheriff Newton Johnson Sheriff Newton Johnson
Francine Ross Francine Ross

By Holley Nees - email

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - It looks quiet now, but law enforcement believe in a Timpson house, a brutal murder played out, one authorities think included a history of violent abuse.

"It makes you uneasy," said neighbor Audrey Oliver. "It makes you feel like it's not very safe."

Authorities said a mentally disabled Allen Calhoun's death was a result of homicidal violence. Texas Ranger Pete Maskunas said he died during a severe beating.

"A shock, you know it was really a shock because you don't think about anything like that happening so close to your house," Oliver said.

But just down from her house is where investigators were searching for evidence to link Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy Rex Calhoun and his wife, Lana Sue to Allen's murder.

"Being the fact that this was an employee of mine that was being looked at on this occasion, I prefer an outside agency such as the Texas Rangers to conduct the investigation," Sheriff Newton Johnson said.

After he was arrested for his brother's death and charged with capital murder, Rex Calhoun was terminated from his position at the sheriff's department. But, Johnson said the narcotics officer was a good employee.

"I never had any problems with him, no ma'm I sure did not," Johnson said. "He worked well with what we were doing as far as the narcotics and did a good job."

A surprising arrest even to neighbors who barely knew the married couple.

"About four months ago, me my mom and the kids were walking down that way just for a walk and they said hi to us and waved," said neighbor Francine Ross.

For residents on Rosehill Road, it's a chilling thought: seemingly friendly neighbors arrested for a family member's violent death.

"It makes me not want to go down there anymore and makes me want to really be cautious when I go for a walk," Ross said.

"Really it kind of makes you uncomfortable being so close to the house, you know," Oliver said.

Right now, investigators believe money could have been a contributing motive.

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