Run for Lufkin boy fighting brain cancer draws big crowd

Twins, Madison and Michael Herrington, ran for their classmate, Titus Griggs.
Twins, Madison and Michael Herrington, ran for their classmate, Titus Griggs.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – More than 100 runners raced Saturday morning for a six-year-old Lufkin boy fighting brain cancer. We kept up with some of the little boy's classmates, running to save their friend's life.

"I always race my brother and he always wins," said runner Madison Herrington.

Saturday morning was different. Twins, Michael and Madison Herrington, were in this race together. They're racing for their friend.

"It's for Titus," said Madison.

"Because I love Titus. He's my best friend," said runner Michael Herrington.

They're running for their kindergarten classmate, Titus Griggs. Titus is battling brain cancer.

"Sometimes I think, is he ok in the hospital?" said a concerned Madison.

John Greene is Titus' pastor. He's overjoyed at the amount of support the six-year-old little boy has received. He said the race will help Titus get through this difficult journey.

"He's gone through the radiation process and now he's getting ready to start the chemotherapy which will take him all through the summer," explained Greene. "So, the family has a lot of expenses and they have to stay in the Houston. The doctors will not let them be away from there."

Tennis shoes slapping the pavement, Michael and Madison didn't let up. Their dad was right there with them.

Rain threatened to stop the race, but the sunshine came out and more than 100 runners came out to support Titus.

"It's been a great morning for a run, the weather's turned out nice, humidity a little high, but it's been good," said Greene.

As each person inched closer to the end, speed kicked in, helping them cross the finish line for Titus.

Madison yelled, "whoo hoo!" after finishing the race.

"There's just been an incredible rallying around this little boy, you know, to just fight for him. So, it's really been a great thing," said Greene.

"I just hope he's always going to be okay," Madison said.

With a family of supporters behind him, Titus isn't fighting this battle alone. Runners raised nearly $4,000 and counting.

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