Visit to Baghdad...Weapons evidence destroyed?...More regime leaders caught

Baghdad, Iraq-AP -- The U-S official overseeing the reconstruction of Iraq is now in Baghdad. Retired Lieutenant General Jay Garner says restoring water and power is the first order of business -- but it will be a challenging task.

(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) -- Food for the people -- and the animals -- in Baghdad. The U-S military is stockpiling flour at a warehouse where U-N aid shipments have arrived. And the hungry animals at the Baghdad Zoo are getting more to eat, thanks to a convoy of supplies from Kuwait.

(New York-AP) -- A report in The New York Times says Iraq may have destroyed and buried chemical weapons and biological warfare equipment -- just days before the war started. The Times report says an Iraqi scientist led Americans to what are believed to be the building blocks of illegal weapons.

(Central Command Headquarters, Qatar-AP) -- It's a development that could shed light on Iraq's nuclear efforts. U-S Central Command says Saddam Hussein's scientific research minister was captured over the weekend. The Iraqi opposition says he was "certainly" involved in the banned program.

(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) -- The Iraqi opposition is said to be questioning Saddam Hussein's son-in-law. Jamal al-Tikriti and one of Saddam's bodyguards reportedly surrendered after returning to Baghdad from Syria. Al-Tikriti is married to Saddam's youngest daughter.

(Beijing-AP) -- State-run newspapers in China say Beijing's mayor has been fired over the SARS crisis. That word comes a day after he and the country's health minister lost jobs in the Communist Party. China is reporting a big jump in the number of SARS cases in the capital city.

(Hong Kong-AP) -- The leader of Hong Kong's government sounds optimistic about efforts to beat the SARS virus. He says efforts like quarantining victims and tracking down people they've come in contact with are catching the illness in the early stages and helping contain it.

(Seoul, South Korea-AP) -- South Korea has agreed to cabinet-level talks with North Korea at the end of April. The U-S, North Korea and China could begin separate talks in Beijing this week to discuss Pyongyang's suspected nuclear weapons program.

(Crawford, Texas-AP) -- President Bush returns to Washington later today to prepare for promoting his tax-cut plan and the rest of his non-war agenda. After Easter services in Texas, Bush told reporters he will continue working to "make the world a more peaceful place."

(Modesto, California-AP) -- A California sheriff's spokesman says Scott Peterson has been "rather quiet" and "very courteous" since he was jailed. The man arrested in the deaths of his wife Laci and her baby has been kept away from other inmates while awaiting a court appearance.

by Bob Eller

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