Lufkin Fire Department investigating grass fires

Neighbors Nenna Hicks and James Dowthitt
Neighbors Nenna Hicks and James Dowthitt

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Jena Johnson - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Authorities are looking for an arsonist that set grassfires early Monday morning close to local businesses and apartment buildings. Now, residents who pass by the burnt spots on a daily basis are starting to worry.

Neighbors Nenna Hicks and James Dowthitt say they like to take a peaceful walk from their apartment to the local stores, but now they are paranoid after someone keeps starting grassfires just feet from their apartment building.

"This is my walking. This is my exercise. I come through here sometimes like two or three times a day walking to the Dollar Tree or Academy," said Hicks.

"It's just the mischief. The mischief that's going around here and everything. It seems like more of it and it should be a family environment. Here lately it's just gotten to where it's a lot of mischief that's going on that shouldn't be," said Dowthitt.

Just in the last 30 days, four grass fires have been intentionally set near Cavender's Boot City. Assistant Manager Lynsie Smith says it's giving the business a bad image.

"They're burning down something that could be kind of pretty I guess you could say," said Smith.

Assistant Fire Marshall Steve McCool is investigating at least eight fires in several locations.

"They seem to be getting bolder and have less and less concern for what they're catching on fire and what it's close to. It definitely concerns me," said McCool.

Nenna Hicks says she is nervous since the fires started.

"Well, it's a fire and that's dangerous with it being dry and everything it could easily set something else on fire and by the apartments being close together one catches fire, all them could catch on fire, so it's really dangerous," said Hicks.

She's spreading the word of the fires, hoping neighbors can help authorities catch whoever's starting them.

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