Lt. Gov. Dewhurst says be paid to get paid

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Putting Texans back to work during a recession is the goal of "The Texas Back To Work Initiative."

Tonuelo Sims appreciates his job like none other. Until recently he's been out of work off and on.

"It was rough. Especially over the holidays with this economy, so it was pretty rough, "said Sims.

Today Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst met with the unemployed still going through their rough times. Dewhurst told them the Texas back to work initiative could very well land them a job. Sims got his job through the program. It gave his employer, Parker Manufacturing, a tax incentive for hiring him.

"Where the state will give an employer $2,000 to hire an unemployed worker," said Dewhurst. "And so giving them a little push, $2000 to every employer who hires an unemployed worker keeps them employed for x-amount of time."

An employee must work up to 30 days and a minimum of 30 hours per week. Employers are showing interest.

"It's helping us survive this economic downturn and turn that corner, "said Ellen Moreal with Parker Human Resources.

"Texas was the last state into the recession. We want to be the first state out," said Dewhurst.

The program is just off the ground here in East Texas. So far only 11 workers have been hired, but we're told more employers, every day, are showing interest in signing up.

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