Murder suspect's family says "he's innocent"

Gibson's family claims "he's innocent"
Gibson's family claims "he's innocent"
Elton "June" Gibson, charged with murder
Elton "June" Gibson, charged with murder

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – He said he'd take the fall to keep his girlfriend out of jail.

An affidavit reveals jailhouse conversations explaining Elton "June" Gibson's plan to protect Kendall Thompson, but it appears things fell through.

Both are in jail, charged with the murder of 63-year-old Joseph Cooper.

Gibson's family says authorities have the wrong guy.

"I'm very aggravated because you got these people walking around, come and telling me, yeah your brother (is) a murderer, he did that. I know my brother. My brother [ain't] pulling no trigger," said Ishmael Washington, who says his only brother isn't capable of taking someone's life. "That's my baby brother and I know he didn't do it and it's not right."

Gibson was raised by his grandparents.

"I can't believe that my grandson, which me and my husband raised from a baby on up, that he's capable of murder," said Lucille Garrett, Gibson's grandmother.

The family is devastated.

"I cried like a baby you know. I cried. I got on my knees, I prayed because I know for a fact he didn't do this," said Gibson's uncle Nick Shepherd.

If convicted, Gibson faces serious prison time.

"Life is a long time for a 19-year-old," said Gibson's uncle, Reverend Tim Robison. "I feel sympathy for that family to lose a loved one behind something that should have been preventable. But we losing somebody as well."

For now, they're fighting to hold on to what they feel is just.

"We don't have anything to do but pray to God, because God is there for anything that is right," said Robison.

The family says a limited budget poses a problem. They tell us they're still searching for an affordable attorney to represent "June" Gibson.

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