Restaurant Report- Angelina County- May 6, 2010

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –Lufkin Lanes Snack Bar on Chestnut received 16 demerits. They need to protect and cover the food items in the cooler. Employees must not smoke in dry storage area, a repeat violation. A certified food manager is required on site at all times; this is also a repeat violation. They need to remove the household crock pots and freezer, yet another repeat violation. The back door must seal tightly. They must use proper procedure when manually washing utensils, and must not operate without sanitizer. They need to sanitize inside the ice machine, another repeat violation. The floor under the equipment and in the dish room needs cleaning and the microwave also needs to be cleaned.

Charlie's Restaurant on North Medford was handed 7 demerits. They need to clean the floors in the kitchen and repair the freezer seal. They must store raw meat on the bottom shelf in the cooler, not on other food items. They need to clean and sanitize inside the ice machine and clean the freezer floor.

Anne's Fried Chicken on Timberland was given 3 demerits. They need to clean inside the ice machine; the bottom of the roll oven and corroded surfaces should be smooth and easily cleanable.

Congratulations to Frutilandia on Raguet for receiving zero demerits!

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