5/6/10 Nacogdoches Police report

Criminal mischief - 3800 block of South Street: Complainant was sitting in a parking lot and heard glass breaking. On officers arrival, they found that the window of an SUV had been broken. According to the owner, nothing was found missing.

Burglary of a vehicle - 3600 block of South Street: An Pod and a tom tom were stolen from a vehicle with forced entry.

Criminal mischief - 2800 block of Pearl Street: Complainant reported that a known suspect broke the screen off of a laptop computer.

Hit and run - 100 block of East Starry: Complainant was waiting for the light to change at Starry and North when a light color pickup turned in front and collided with the front bumper of complainant's vehicle. The truck kept going, and did not top and give information.

Possession of marijuana - 1500 block of Wilson Drive: A vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation. Officer located a small amount of suspected marijuana in an occupant's purse. A female was arrested.

Theft-unlawfully carrying of a weapon - 4810 North Street: A juvenile was observed shoplifting items by cutting open packages and hiding the contents on his person. He was also found in possession of an illegal knife. Juvenile taken into custody.

Forgery - 4400 block of North Street: A known suspect has been writing checks on complainant's account without permission.

Recovered stolen vehicle  - 1000 block of South Street: Complainant purchased a 2004 Yamaha motorcycle from an individual. The seller told the complainant that he would be back in two weeks to buy the vehicle back from him. The motorcycle was reported stolen from Garland, Texas.

Credit card abuse - 300 block of Crestwood: An unknown suspect used complainant's credit card in Washington State.