108-year-old Woodville woman celebrates her 69th Mother's Day

Grace Gardener, 108, with her daughter Iris.
Grace Gardener, 108, with her daughter Iris.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) –  Grace Gardener, 108, has been a mother for most of her life. She said every day feels like Mother's Day.

"I have a wonderful daughter. She treats me like a queen," Gardener said.

She said like a movie playing in her head, Gardener has flickering images of her only child, Iris, bringing her flowers.

"When Iris was a little girl she'd go out into the woods and pick wild flowers and plant them for me," she said smiling.

Iris said she's so thankful to spend Mother's Day with her elderly mom year after year.

"Having her here with me at her age because ordinarily she would have been gone a long time ago. Mother's Day wouldn't have been very nice," Iris said.

Gardener has celebrated sixty-nine Mother's Days. This is her first one ever in a nursing home and believe it or not she's only been here one week.

"I thank God every day about it," said Iris. "The fact that she's still here... still able to bounce back from a terrible sickness."

Although Gardener still adores receiving flowers on Mother's Day, she said that's not her favorite part.

"Having a daughter to love and to love you, it's the best thing," said Gardener.

Iris said her mother should be leaving the rehabilitation center in about a week. Gardener will return to live at her daughter's home.

In case you're wondering how Gardener still looks so fresh at age 108, she said the secret is eating fruits and vegetables and applying face cream daily.

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