5/11/10 Nacogdoches Police report

Assault-unlawful restraint - 5300 block of North Street:  A suspect physically assaulted a female and pulled her back into the apartment, preventing her attempts to flee. The suspect was arrested.

Assault - 1500 block of Virginia Avenue:  A female was struck in the face by a known male suspect. The complainant wishes to file charges. Warrant requested.

Found property - 2100 block of pearl:  A black mountain bike was found abandoned.

Theft - 2400 block of old Tyler Road:  A blue 10 speed bike was stolen overnight from a yard.

Aggravated assault - 2400 block of Ammons Street:  A known suspect pointed a pistol at the victim and threatened to kill the complainant. Warrant requested.

Theft - 4800 block of north street:  A suspect was observed taking items from a store without paying. The suspect was arrested.

Burglary of a vehicle - 1000 block of laurel lane: A vehicle was forcibly entered and a purse was taken.

Theft - 800 block of second street:  A cell phone was reported stolen from a purse.

Burglary of a building - 2900 block of North West Stallings Drive:  A store was entered forcibly and several cases of beer, several cartons of cigarettes, power tools and some shirts were taken.