Good Morning East Texas Headlines 05-12-10


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Police in one East Texas town stage an undercover operation to find out which businesses and restaurants sell alcohol to minors. We'll tell you what they found.

Crews are positioning a new containment dome to trap oil spewing from a sunken rig in the Gulf of Mexico. We'll have a live report on their latest tactics...and tell you what oil company officials are telling lawmakers during hearings in Washington, D.C.

That oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is affecting the fishing industry. We'll tell you what impact it's having on East Texas restaurants.

Plus...our Joe Terrell is spending some time in the kitchen to test out a new knife for today's "Does It Work?"


We will have another mild start to our Wednesday. After tying and breaking a couple of records yesterday, today will be another warm and windy day. Winds will gust over 25 mph at times with highs reaching the lower 90s again. Rain chances will be on the increase starting Thursday. I'll give you all the details coming up on Good Morning East Texas.


3 East Texas restaurants caught selling alcohol to minors

A sting operation in Longview catches restaurants serving alcoholic beverages to minors.

Like seafood? Your menu may be getting smaller

The black tides rolling on the Louisiana coast may be hundreds of miles away but East Texas is already caught in its wake. The massive oil slick covering the gulf has crippled the multi-billion dollar fishing industry.


CAIRO (AP) - A Libyan airline says one of its planes has crashed while landing in Tripoli with 104 people aboard. There's no official word yet on fatalities, but Libyan state television has shown footage of large and small pieces of plane debris scattered across a large field. At least one body is seen being carried away.

WASHINGTON (AP) - BP says that by tomorrow, a second, smaller containment box will be positioned over the oil well still gushing at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Workers hope to avoid the icing problem they had with the first box by pumping warm water into the system, which is designed to siphon oil to a ship.

BEIJING (AP) - The motive for the latest attack on a school in China is unknown so far, but there are reports the attacker and the school's administrator may have known each other. A man went on a rampage at a kindergarten in northwest China, hacking seven children and a teacher to death. He later killed himself.

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) - A young woman from Greeley, Colo., is missing in northern Nepal after failing to check in last month following a solo hike in the Himalayas. Police are searching the area for Aubrey Sacco. The hike was supposed to take just over a week, and she was supposed to e-mail her family around April 29.

LONDON (AP) - Britain's new prime minister, Conservative David Cameron, is meeting today with the head of the Liberal Democrats, whose support has put him in office. Cameron and Nick Clegg, who is now deputy prime minister, are trying to fashion the terms of Britain's first coalition government since World War II.

ON THE GULF OF MEXICO (AP) - A second, smaller oil containment box has been lowered into the Gulf of Mexico near the blown-out well. A BP spokesman says engineers are trying to avoid the buildup of ice crystals that hampered efforts to use a larger box. He says underwater robots will position the smaller box by tomorrow.

ODESSA, Texas (AP) - Authorities say a sophomore star on a West Texas high school basketball team is actually a 22-year-old naturalized citizen from Haiti. Ector County school district officials say the man posed as 16-year-old Jerry Joseph at Odessa's Permian High School. He's charged with presenting false identification to police.

CONROE, Texas (AP) - A Montgomery County jury is set to hear today from the defense in the capital murder trial of an east Texas man. Blaine Milam is accused of fatally bludgeoning his girlfriend's toddler in an alleged exorcism.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A Texas lawyer testifying against Dole Foods denies he was in a group accused of conspiring with a Nicaraguan judge to commit fraud in a case by men claiming they worked on banana plantations. Charles Benton Musslewhite says Dole's claims of fraud are "bunk."