Lufkin business owner fed up with crime

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Kurth Drive business owners say they're fed up with drug trafficking, excessive loitering and solicitation on the street.

The Kurth Drive car wash owner says he needs security cameras to stop vandals.

"I try to keep my place up," Bryce Nutt said.

"I just can't seem to have anything for the vandalism that goes on," said Nutt.

Nutt says vandals are trying to ruin his 30 years of business.

"I buy new equipment and I've been broken into," said Nutt.

Like a busted $2,000 change machine now covered in signs asking someone to come forward with information.

"A brand new change machine has been torn up for $20," explains Nutt.

It gets worse. He says his drive-thru car wash has become more like a drive-thru drug exchange.

"I have a lot of traffic here, but it's not just car-washing traffic," said Nutt. "They'll drive through and maybe do a little drug deal."

There's more despite the no-solicitation signs. He says he's caught people offering services on his property.

"They'll hang around and if a car comes by they'll ask if they can wash their car for some money or a tip," said Nutt. "It upsets me they're making more money than me."

Less than a block away sits Kurth Drive Grocery. The owners said they felt forced to install bars over the store's windows to keep burglars out.

Nutt says he's standing up to vandals for the sake of saving his car wash and Kurth Drive's reputation.

"We're trying to get businesses over here in North Lufkin and if I can't stay, I don't think anybody can stay. I try to keep my place up," said Nutt.

"I just can't seem to have anything for the vandalism that goes on."

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