Good Morning East Texas Headlines 05-14-10


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: Federal authorities have arrested three men they say supplied money to the suspect in the attempted car bombing of New York's Times Square. We'll tell you what charges they are facing.

Two men arrested in connection with one of the East Texas church fires could soon find out if they will face more criminal charges. We'll have details on what other indictments could be returned against  Daniel McAllister and Jason Bourque.

There's a growing movement by some former fans of "Facebook" to quit the popular social networking site. We'll have a live report to explain what is prompting people to cancel their accounts.

And…meteorologist Grant Dade will step into the kitchen this morning for "Cooking Up A Storm". Be sure to tune in to catch his recipe for tasty fajita burgers.


We continue to monitor a cold front which has stalled out to our west. This front will slowly make its way towards East Texas looking to arrive tonight. As it does, showers and scattered thunderstorms will affect the area. We are not expecting much in the way of severe weather this weekend but a few places could see some locally heavy rain. I'll give you all the details on the weather where you live this morning on Good Morning East Texas.


Grand jury hears testimony in church arson case

A Smith County grand jury began hearing testimony, Thursday in the case of the two men suspected of burning down 10 East Texas churches.

Time to get your financial fitness regimen started

Folks go to great lengths to make sure they're physically fit.  But when was the last time you faced the money mirror?


WATERTOWN, Mass. (AP) - Federal authorities say they've arrested the three men they suspect financed the alleged would-be Times Square bomber. The men were picked up yesterday in a series of raids that stretched from Boston to New Jersey. Investigators said it was not yet clear whether the three Pakistanis knew how the money was going to be used.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's most influential small business lobby is joining a court challenge to President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. The National Federation of Independent Business will announce today it is joining a federal lawsuit filed in Florida by 20 state attorneys general and governors. NFIB's involvement ensures that constitutional arguments for overturning the health care law will be extensively aired in the fall campaigns, regardless of how the suit comes out.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democrats and Republicans have sided against banks in a vote to force credit card companies to reduce fees for debit card transactions. Merchants would also be allowed to offer customer discounts based on their payment method. The proposal is part of the overhaul of financial industry regulations pending before Congress.

MEXICO CITY (AP) - The U.S. drug czar says the war on drugs isn't working. That's the conclusion after 40 years and $1 trillion spent. Gil Kerlikowske says that, if anything, the concern about drugs and drug problems has "magnified, intensified." President Barack Obama this week announced a new policy to treat drug use as a public health issue as well as increased spending on interdiction and law enforcement.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) - Texas has executed a second South Dakota parolee condemned for killing an Army officer during a robbery and beating in Greenville, northeast of Dallas. Forty-one-year-old Billy Galloway received a lethal injection last night. His former cellmate, Kevin Varga, was put to death Wednesday.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - City officials in Austin are cutting business and travel ties with Arizona to protest that state's new illegal immigration law. There will be exceptions for police investigations and for providing humanitarian aid.

EDINBURG, Texas (AP) - A Hidalgo County prosecutor says the mother of a toddler killed in 2008 has been indicted for capital murder. Jamie Lee Rosales was charged after returning from months on the run in Mexico. Her sister also has been charged with killing the boy.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House wants Congress to approve $10 million for possible litigation costs linked to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It's part of a larger legislative package the administration sent to Capitol Hill this week.