East Texas parents react to YouTube dance video

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Parents in East Texas say a dance rendition by young girls, performing to a Beyonce song, is inappropriate for such young children.

The dancers move like young women, but they're just eight years old. Their performance has the attention of millions of viewers. Some of the parents spoke out on Good Morning America in their defense.

"If you keep in mind this was a dance competition and these are the kind of routines that you see and that environment, then that takes away all of the negativity," said parents Melissa Presch and Cory Miller.

Competition or not, some parents disagree.

"It makes me uncomfortable," said Ashley Flurry.

"It's really kind of sad because I think some girls think, 'Well if I don't do that then I can't be in the dance,' so what's the message you want to send there?" said parent and youth pastor Keith Nash.

Sharon Adams, of Grizzly's Dance Apparel Shop, says risque outfits are often used in the dance world. Some feel it shows movement and body lines on the stage.

"Oh, the booty shorts, as they call them, the bra tops and things like this, we've sold them to young girls as well as older girls," said Adams.

They may be gyrating about the stage, but licensed counselor Sharon McClure says they're too young to understand the message they're sending.

"When they're 8 and 9, they don't really know but it kind of sets things in motion that we probably don't want," said McClure.

She says without clear cut boundaries, there could be consequences.

"When they portray themselves as a very sexual person, there are other people who prey on that," McClure said.

"There are plenty of dances that would be more appropriate for kids of that age then to have them you know looking like young women and trying to be sexually provocative," Dyana Robbins said.

Is this a part of pop culture and performance or too inappropriate? Viewers are divided, but parents are thinking twice about where they'll draw the line.

The parents who spoke out say the song is a popular fan choice, and the moves are standard for very competitive dance styles.

They are trying to stop the spread of the footage, as they feel it's been taken way out of context.

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