5/16 Lufkin Police Report

5/16 Lufkin Police Report, Courtesy of Cpl. Trent Sobolewski

10-11626     AGGRAVATED ASSAULT                                                              300 BLK. FAIRFIELD

Officers responded to a fight in progress call.  Upon arrival, Officers found a man had been stabbed several times in the torso.  The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

10-11607     DISTURBANCE                                                                              400 BLK. N. TIMBERLAND

Officers responded to a fight in progress at a local carnival.  Upon arrival, Officers observed numerous people fighting.  Several adults and juveniles were taken into custody for Disorderly Conduct.

10-11605     HARASSMENT                                                                              3507 N. JOHN REDDITT

A woman reported receiving threatening phone calls from her ex-boyfriend.

10-11609     CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                                                                    400 BLK. N. TIMBERLAND

A woman reported someone busted a window on her van.

10-11608     ROBBERY                                                                                       1100 BLK. S. TIMBERLAND

A man reported he was assaulted and his wallet was stolen.

10-11585     THEFT                                                                                            4200 S. MEDFORD

A woman reported a man shoplifted a video recorder.

10-11575     FORGERY                                                                                       1200 BLK. S. CHESTNUT

A woman reported receiving a fake $5.00 bill.

10-11565     THEFT                                                                                            700 BLK. N. TIMBERLAND

A woman reported her cell phone stolen.

10-11546     ASSAULT                                                                                       4400 BLK. S. MEDFORD

A woman reported having an argument with another woman who punched her in the left eye.

10-11544     CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                                                                    600 BLK. N. WARREN

A woman reported someone broke out a window on her vehicle with a rock.

10-11541     UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE                             1700 BLK. W. FRANK

A man reported his vehicle stolen.  The vehicle was later found on Cameron Rd. with the wheels and stereo missing.

10-11515     ASSAULT                                                                                       1900 BLK. S. FIRST

 A woman reported a male threw a bottle through her car window, striking in the face.

10-11516     AGGAVATED ASSAULT                                                                 3400 BLK. NERREN

A man reported he was shot in the leg near the intersection of Nerren and Dominey St.  The victim said he did not know who shot him.  The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated.