Good Morning East Texas Headlines 05-19-10


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: The Sheriff of Smith County has decided not to seek re-election when his term is up in 2012. We'll have a look at the long career of J.B. Smith…and tell you who he thinks voters should choose to lead the Sheriff's Office after he steps down.

Voters in several states are sending a signal to Washington. We'll have the results of Tuesday's primary elections across the country…and tell you how they could change the political landscape on Capitol Hill.

At will be up to a jury to decide the punishment for Blaine Milam, now that he's been convicted of killing a 13-month-old little girl. We'll tell you what punishment prosecutors would like to see in the case.

And…our Joe Terrell will find out if the "Shoedini" is capable of working magic with your shoes…in today's "Does It Work?".


A stationary front is draped across our southern counties this morning and will begin to move north today as a warm front. This front will act to spark a few isolated storms this afternoon, especially north of I-20. The atmosphere is conducive for any storm that forms to become severe producing hail, high winds, and even tornadoes. I'll give you all the details on the weather where you live this morning on Good Morning East Texas.


Smith County sheriff not seeking re-election, makes endorsement

J.B. Smith has been sheriff of Smith County for more than 30 years, but Tuesday, he announced he is retiring.

Groundbreaking on VA home takes place Wednesday

We have heard a lot of people talk about taking better care of veterans after they have served our country.


BANGKOK (AP) - A month after it began, the sometimes violent occupation of parts of downtown Bangkok, Thailand, is said to be over. Leaders of the so-called Red Shirts, who demanded the government step down, say they want to avoid any more loss of life following an army assault. But some trouble, including fires, is still reported in Bangkok.

WASHINGTON (AP) - It was a tough day for incumbents in Tuesday's primaries. Sen. Arlen Specter lost his Democratic faceoff in Pennsylvania, and Sen. Blanche Lincoln has been forced into a Democratic runoff in Arkansas. In Kentucky, a newcomer -- Rand Paul -- won the Republican nomination for the Senate.

BERLIN (AP) - Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel has told the country's lawmakers that the euro is in danger, and that Europe faces an "existential" test in keeping it afloat. The German Parliament is pondering a $1 trillion rescue package put together by the European Union. Germany's share would be at least $160 billion in loan guarantees.

CYNTHIANA, Ky. (AP) - Some farmers are getting word from tobacco companies that they won't need to grow for them this year. An economist at the University of Kentucky says the state could lose a fourth of its contracts as smoking continues to decline in the U.S. North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia are also being hit.

DELAFIELD, Wis. (AP) - The U.S. Army is on the verge of awarding another Medal of Honor -- not to someone who's served in Iraq or Afghanistan, but to a soldier who died in the Civil War. The honoree was a 22-year-old first lieutenant from Wisconsin named Alonzo Cushing, who died at Gettysburg in 1863.

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) - The health care provider for most state inmates across Texas is laying off more than 360 workers this summer because of state budget cuts. The president of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston says the program faced a projected gap of $82 million in 2010-11.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A State Board of Education committee says new science book orders for Texas classrooms should be postponed indefinitely. The committee is bracing for a state budget shortfall of up to $18 billion. The board is set to take a final vote on the recommendation Friday.

CONROE, Texas (AP) - The penalty phase has started in the capital murder case of an east Texas man convicted in the 2008 killing of his girlfriend's 13-month-old daughter. Prosecutors in Conroe are seeking the death penalty for 20-year-old Blaine Milam.

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas (AP) - The Starr County sheriff says an armed man tried to rob a jewelry store and abduct a woman from the shop before police shot and killed him. The sheriff says it's not clear if the man fired his gun before the officers shot him yesterday in Rio Grande City.