State budget means LISD stuck with old science books

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This year's science textbooks are here to stay at Lufkin ISD.

"This is certainly not the first occasion that we've faced budget shortfalls and that our state board of education has chosen not to fund textbooks," said Superintendent Roy Knight.

A state committee is recommending postponing new science book orders indefinitely. This comes after the board has already adopted a new science curriculum that isn't entirely reflected in the current books.

"The thing that's most discouraging about this is that the state board of education requires a fourth year of science that in turn required us to build a three million dollar science wing so we could meet the needs of our classroom requirements and yet the state board not only has failed to fund, give us the opportunity to fund our own science labs that we're required to, now we're not going to be getting the materials we need as well," Knight said.

Teachers say waiting on new textbooks is nothing new and they'll teach the new curriculum with or without them.

"The curriculum that we have in place is not book-dependent," said Ernest Boyett, the LHS science department head. "We use the textbook as an auxiliary source of information."

Boyett says they wouldn't have received the new books by next year anyway.

"We would've been playing with the old books regardless, so that's why it's not upsetting me as much as it might have if we weren't equipped to handle it," Boyett said.

Knight says this could be an opportunity to move toward electronic resources. For now, these are a few of 4.8 million students in Texas that may be stuck with old books.

"It would be nice to know that we would, in a couple of years have new textbooks, it's not going to be a showstopper," Boyett said.

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