"He put a gun in my face, and I started begging"...assault victim speaks out

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It all started around 11 p.m. Monday, at a home on FM 343 in Nacogdoches County.

A masked man allegedly entered a home near the Red Flat community and held the two women inside at gunpoint.

It was supposed to be a quiet evening at home for the women who lived in the house.

The victim's identity will not be disclosed, but she told us she'd just put her 5-year-old and 18- month-old girls to bed.

Her friend was visiting at the time.  The two women were sitting at the kitchen table when they heard the front door creak open...

The two of them went to the door and met a man with a gun.

"He came in yelling, screaming at us to get down on the ground and take our clothes off," the victim said.

She said her little girl woke up from all the screaming and came into the living room.

"I saw [my daughter] standing there, and I got up.  He put the gun in my face, and I started begging."

The victim said she ran to protect her daughter and the suspect started yelling at her friend.  She said when she returned to the living room, the suspect was already pulling her friend out of the front door.

Authorities say the attacker led his handcuffed victim outside to a dark, possibly an early model Dodge pick-up truck.  He forced her inside and took off down the driveway.

Authorities said he followed the back roads to the Cushing area.

That's where the attacker allegedly raped his victim for more than five hours before dumping her on a Rusk County road.

She was later found by a passing driver around 5a.m., Tuesday.

"This guy is a predator," said Thomas Kerss, sheriff of Nacogdoches County.  "We believe he pre-selected the location he was going to strike, and did enough investigative work to realize there was at least a target in that residence."

Nacogdoches County deputies are following every lead to catch up with the suspect.  Kerss said they are also checking local sex offender databases.

Kerss said he is confident the person they're looking for is familiar with the area.

The news left some neighbors on edge.

"It's a horrible thought that [this] could happen so close to us," said Jackie Upshaw.

Officials said the suspect either lives, or knows people in the northwest Nacogdoches County area.

"We are continuing to work this. We're going to put a lot of focus in this, and we're going to bring this guy to justice," said Kerss.

"This man was just so angry, and he doesn't even know me," said the victim. "I just want him caught so I can go home with my kids and feel safe, that's all."

The man is described as white, 20-40 years old, 5'5"-5'10", muscular build, light brown to blonde hair with possible graying tint, with possible facial hair.

Anyone with possible information in the case is asked to call 936-560-7777.

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