Laci Peterson's Body Located by Sonar in March

Point Isabel, California-AP -- Investigators say they located the bodies of Laci Peterson and her unborn son weeks before the bodies washed ashore in Richmond, California.
The Oakland Tribune says the bodies were located using side-scan sonar inside a shipping channel in the San Francisco Bay. But before they could be retrieved, it's believed an oil tanker passed over or near the burial spot and dislodged them.
The wind, choppy waves and high incoming tides eventually brought the bodies to shore in mid-April.
Modesto Police Chief Roy Wasden says investigators believe they found the bodies as early as mid-March.
One law enforcement source tells the Tribune that the discovery of the bodies by sonar was kept quiet, out of fear that the suspect -- Laci's husband -- might flee. After the bodies washed ashore, Scott Peterson was charged with murder.

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