Kara Partin

Kara Partin is the 18 yr. old daughter of Clark and Fran Partin
GPA- 95.89
Beta- 4 yrs
   Secretary- 2 yrs
   President- 1 yr
Junior Chamber of Commerce- 4 yrs
   Vice President- 3 yrs
   President- 1 yr
Cheerleader- 3 yrs
Basketball- 4 yrs
   Co-Captain- 1 yr
Golf- 4 yrs
   Regional Qualifier- 4 yrs
Who's Who
   Most Dependable- 4 yrs
   Most Likely to Succeed
FHA- 1 yr
FCA- 2yrs
   Homecoming Sweetheart- 1 yr
Senior Homecoming Duchess
Poetry UIL Regional Qualifier- 1 yr
DAR 2003 Citizen of the Year
Celebration of Academic Excellence- 2 yrs
Class officer- 2 yrs
Member of the Tenaha Church of Christ
Hobbies:  hanging out with friends, watching tv, and shopping
Plan on attending SFA in the fall