Man's best friend may tell you about the man

Emily Todd
Emily Todd

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Looking for an insight into your man?  You may find it by looking to his best friend.

Without ever speaking a word, man's best friend can say a lot about their master.

"Little-man syndrome, people have big dogs, big trucks, it kind of goes with that mentality," said veterinarian school student Emily Todd.

It may be a generalization, but the vet school student says she sees it over and over: Men's personalities reflecting that of their four-legged friends.

"We have people that are more sensitive, kind of more in touch with their feminine side, they have like Chihuahuas or smaller breeds," said Todd.

"Labradors usually are for outdoorsy people, easy-going," said Todd.

Todd says in some parts of the country, certain dogs are more popular.  For example, here in East Texas, she says a lot of men have hunting dogs.

"I think people who have bird dogs or labs, you have to train them otherwise they'll just be wild and unmanageable, so people that have them really make that effort, so it really becomes kind of an extension of them," Todd said.

Some East Texans say there could be some truth to the idea.

"My cousin Brandon has a Labrador.  His name is Prince and he's very energetic, outgoing, playful, and very kid-friendly and Brandon is the same way," said Sophiea Hulett.

"I think if the men pick the dogs that they probably would pick something that they like which would be near their own personality, but I think more often the wives pick the dogs, so you see great big men walking little bitty dogs," said Laquita Kaplowitz.

Todd says a mixed-breed dog could be a sign the man is into going green.

"But I do think there's kind of a movement towards buying shelter dogs or adopting shelter dogs because it's kind of more of a environmentally-savvy time thing to do," explains Todd. "So, even having a mutt is kind of a status symbol showing you're not particularly concerned with the purebred line, you're about saving the animals life."

Todd says her animals are an indicator of the men she's interested in.

"I like dogs that are energetic, but bigger and kind of rough, not prissy and that definitely reflects the kind of guys that I search for," Todd said.

Men with a puppy may be looking for a date.

"Trust me, people get puppies so they can get girls to fawn over the puppy.  I think it's definitely to kind of win people over too," Todd.

So, if you want to know more about your man, look no further than his best friend.

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