Trinity man arrested for sexually assaulting two girls

Jerry Foster mug shot courtesy of Trinity County Jail.
Jerry Foster mug shot courtesy of Trinity County Jail.

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas – email

TRINITY TX, (KTRE) - Trinity police feel the public needs a big wake-up call after a recent child sex assault case where a mother was too scared to report the alleged abuse.

Trinity police say it was routine call about a shoplifter at a local grocery store. That's when they say a much darker crime, came to light.

"While we were there a gentleman approached us and told us the story of what he heard from a mother," said Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones.

The man told police a mother was scared to tell anyone, of a terrible crime against her daughters, days before.

"Was that [a man] had sexually assaulted two female victims - one being three years-old and one being five," said Jones. "Sometimes waiting days to report it will destroy the evidence."

Police tracked down the family. The sex assault exam and interviews helped lead to Jerry Foster's arrest.

Foster is charged with one count sexual assault and one count indecency with a child.  He's behind bars with a high bond, but the district attorney's office says if he does get out a protective order could be the next course of action.

This case worries Trinity Police. What if other parents are scared to find help?

"Instead of making the decision yourself of whether or not something should be done about it or whether or not something happened and if you think something happened you should report it," said Jones.

This mother didn't know what to do, or where to turn. Authorities say there's one clear answer call police.

Police Chief Steven Jones says many mothers feel trapped financially, and don't come forward, but adds there are many local groups who will step-in and provide a safe place to stay.

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