Zavalla residents express concerns about city's first beer barn

"Drive-Thru Brew" under construction on East Main Street, in Zavalla, TX
"Drive-Thru Brew" under construction on East Main Street, in Zavalla, TX
Neighbors Jack and Pamela Kendrick
Neighbors Jack and Pamela Kendrick

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ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) – Some Zavalla residents are still unhappy with Angelina County's 2006 decision to become a wet county. Despite the law, they say, the sale of beer and wine isn't welcome in their neighborhood.

The city's first beer barn isn't exactly getting a warm welcome by some.

Long time Zavalla residents, Jack and Pamela Kendrick, say they are not happy to see a beer barn being built right next door.

"They did not even mention to us that we were going to have a beer shack right on top of us, and if we had known ten years ago, I wouldn't have bought here," said Pamela Kendrick.

The only thing separating these neighbors from the future beer barn is a four foot fence.

The couple says they were disappointed when the county became wet a few years ago.

"Not happy with it at all. I voted no but obviously the tribe has spoken," said Jack Kendrick.

"Our only choice is to block off half our house and we never planned to live in a box," said Pamela.

With Two Exxon stores that sell beer on both sides of town, they ask, "do we really need a beer shack?"

Another Main Street resident living right across the street says, this will be a good thing.

"It's going to keep the people from having to drive as far and it's going to bring money into our city which is what we need," said Eric McGrath.

The owner of "Drive-Thru Brew" Don Burr says he hopes his new business will bring in more tax dollars to the city of Zavalla.

"I'm not there to cause any problems with the people that have lived there all their lives. I'd just like to see Zavalla prosper and move forward," said Burr. "That is Zavalla's future, I think, is catering to fisherman and recreational people. I thought it would be a good location."

Only time will tell.

"We've got a lot of empty space here, along even on Main Street, and there are a lot of places where it could have possibly gone," said Pamela.

Despite unhappy neighbors, construction will continue on the Drive-Thru Brew.

Burr says he is following the city ordinance, which requires businesses selling and distributing alcohol, to be at least 300 feet from a church, school, hospital or day care center.

Burr says he hopes to be open by July.

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