Shoedini: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE/KLTV) - Some people, because of back or knee problems, don't bend over too well. Others, avoid bending, by choice! This time he puts the Shoedini to the Does it Work? test.

Once you get the package open, putting the Shoedini together is a breeze. Just screw the two parts together.

The maker makes a big deal about the Shoedini's built in clip. Apparently, that's the biggest difference between the Shoedini and all the other shoe horns in the world. It is telescopes and then you lock it into place.

I was able to remove both shoes, place them on the box, grab them from the box and put them back on without ever bending over. The whole feat (Get it? feat - feet) took a minute and 17 seconds, and the shoes remained tied the whole time.

The sturdiness of this thing is questionable, but we could not break it. The Shoedini could really work magic for some people. Does it work? We give it a "yes."

The Shoedini is $9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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