Polk sheriff's office investigating jail break

Daniel Falls mug shot courtesy of Polk County Jail.
Daniel Falls mug shot courtesy of Polk County Jail.
Chief Deputy Bryon Lyons
Chief Deputy Bryon Lyons
Rebecca Hendrix
Rebecca Hendrix

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - The Polk County Sheriff's Office is conducting an internal investigation following an inmate's escape Monday morning.

Chief Deputy Byron Lyons said "definite changes" have been made in how the jail handles inmates to ensure one does not escape again.

Daniel Lee Falls, 26, was on work detail cleaning kitchen floors inside the county jail when he slipped past the deputy on duty and left the jail through an open back door.

Lyons said he knew security would be a problem with construction on a new addition. In order to accommodate the construction, the fence was taken down on the southwest side of the facility.

Lyons said law enforcement is providing round-the-clock surveillance of Falls' girlfriend's and mother's home and staying in touch with relatives in and out of the county, two to three times a day.

Falls said he hoped people would look at Falls' photo before leaving the house, so they might recognize him when they are out.

Rebecca Hendrix owns a country store off State Highway 146. She says people around here worry, not knowing where the convict is hiding.

"We're concerned about it because there's a lot of retired people that are out in this area," Hendrix said.

That's why Lyons is absolutely resolute in finding Falls.

"We're just continuing to stay on top of it," he said. "Monitoring and being very diligent about having a presence in those areas to assure the public that we're out here."

It also sends a special message to the focus of the search.

"Let Mr. Falls know we are serious in our resolve to bring him back into custody," Lyons said.

It's news that comforts Polk County residents like Hendrix.

"Makes us feel better because it's people watching out for people," she said.

Lyons is sure an end is in sight for the manhunt.

"I really hope, here very soon, we're able to bring this to a peaceful ending so we can bring Mr. Falls back into custody and ensure everyone's safety is safeguarded," he said.

Anyone with information on Falls should call any local law enforcement. The Polk County Sheriff's Office can be reached at 936-398-4792.

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