East Texans react to falling price at the pump

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – AAA is reporting gas prices have dropped seven cents since last week.

In fact, prices have been falling for five straight weeks.

The current Texas average is $2.67 a gallon, while the national average is $2.76 a gallon.

A drop in crude oil prices means some savings for you at the pump.

"I may spend $75 a week on Diesel now. A month ago, I spent maybe $85 or $90 a week so it's had a significant impact," said Lufkin driver Robert Davis.

"The least amount I can spend on my gas hog, the better," said Dallas driver Gary Jackson.

"I'm hoping they keep going down," said Gandy Stubblefield, a Lufkin driver.

Seven cents doesn't seem like a lot but for East Texans getting ready to head out to the lake or to go visit family for the holiday weekend, every little bit counts.

"It would get more people out and about to travel that way, they don't feel like they've got to stay cooped up at home," said Jackson.

Some drivers say they've hardly noticed the price decrease.

"It seems like it's just going higher and higher," said Lufkin driver Judy Hickman.

"It [ain't] helping enough. They need to go down more with them," said driver Alden Diggles.

Other East Texans say the price drop won't last long.

"With the proposed ban on oil, drilling and the projected five dollars a gallon price for gasoline, I have some real concerns for the future," said Davis.

"It's that yo-yo effect. It keeps going up and down, up and down," said Jackson.

As prices continue to fluctuate, most drivers don't mind the current trend, but are keeping careful watch as summer gets closer.

We talked to Nacogdoches-based Morgan Oil Company, who told us the price per barrel of oil actually went up seven cents Friday, and that spike hasn't been reflected in gas prices, yet.

Vice President Doug Jordan says it's hard to predict what gas prices will be after this weekend.

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