Basic Training: Military Science and Leadership Skills

Over and over again our military has exhibited leadership, teamwork, and confidence. Before mastering the qualities, they first had to discover them.
We followed a team of SFA students as they discovered the basics of leadership on a strenuous military science obstacle course.

Students learned quickly the first step toward leadership is to test themselves. Physical strength and stamina came in handy, but teamwork was vital.

A good leader must also be confident. There is no better way to learn, than to go rappelling,stepping off a 40-foot ledge is unnatural. One officer said if a cadet can do this, they can do anything. Eventually the leaders emerged.

"I can motivate," said Major Kame Kaneshiro.  "It's a really great quality to have. It's a chance for you to stand out, to help other people succeed. It's great."
Not all team members are military bound, but everyone will benefit from the lessons.
"It applies everywhere you go, whether you're in the civilian sector or whether you're in the military," said Major Kame Kaneshiro. "Leadership is irreplaceable. Everyone needs it. Every organization needs it."

Start together, finish together. The goal was reached. One student said, "You did it as a team. There's no individuals."

"You know what kind of leader you are," said another student.  "How people are going to work with you. Everything you need to know in the army and life."