Graduation incident prompts special school board meeting

Cushing ISD Superintendent Michael Davis
Cushing ISD Superintendent Michael Davis
Cushing School Board hosts meeting to discuss campus safety
Cushing School Board hosts meeting to discuss campus safety

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

CUSHING, TX (KTRE) – Tuesday night, the Cushing School Board is addressing security policy after an incident at Friday's graduation.

A chemical agent was sprayed allegedly by the wife of Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss, herself an investigator for a district attorney.

Administrators accept blame for not monitoring graduation dismissal properly. Parents are wondering how the incident will be handled.

While investigators examine video footage of a fight in the Cushing high school parking lot following Friday's graduation ceremony, administrators focus on positive change for the future.

"That situation kind of festered and it lead to one thing after another, and it wasn't just the kids, it was some adults in the community too," said Superintendent Michael Davis.

Tuesday night's school board meeting gives administrators the opportunity to discuss campus safety, ensuring what happened Friday, won't happen again.

Davis says this meeting is not about pointing blame or passing judgment but most importantly discussing campus safety.

Board members revisit important safety procedures.

"It's kind of an internal review of how we can prevent these sort of things," said Davis. "We'll go over dispersement from the building, crowd dispersement from the parking lot. We want to make it a more formal process."

"If we know of any problems between any families that could arise, can we just make a notation so we can be aware," said Cushing ISD Campus Police Chief Shane Johnson.

Many parents say it's not so much about campus safety.

"I do believe we have good security here," said parent Vicky Schuyler.

They're hoping administrators will also address the use of a chemical agent.

"There was not any charge brought to the person that used it. If it had been anybody else, we would have been arrested," said Schuyler.

Moving forward is now the focus.

"It's really starting to tear our community apart and we're a close knit community. We're all here and we support each other but this issue is either black or white. It's either wrong or right," said parent Cindy Mcginnis.

School board members say they can only give certain answers, as the incident is still under investigation.

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