Huntington man wins $1.8 million in lottery

AUSTIN, TX (KTRE) - AUSTIN, TX (Press release) - When it comes to playing the Lottery, Paul A. Clark of Huntington has a touch of the superstitious in him.

"I usually play Lotto Texas, and since it hit $50 million and kept climbing, I've played every time. But last week the clerk at the convenience store recommended that I buy a Texas Two Step because it was up to $1.8 million," Clark said.  "I'm very superstitious about that kind of thing, when someone suggests something like that.  That's how I came to buy the tickets."

After buying five Quick Pick tickets at the Huntington Speed Mart, Clark mostly forgot about his Texas Two Step® tickets, until his girlfriend called him Saturday morning.  She told him it was already on Facebook that someone in Huntington had won.  The tickets were sitting on the dashboard of his truck.

"I went back to the same store and asked them if they'd sold the winning ticket," Clark said.  "They told me that someone had already claimed the prize, so I thought I hadn't won.   But I still got my tickets out of the truck to check them.  When the message came up to call the 800-number, I knew.  Then they all started yelling, 'You won! You won!'"

Clark said he already knows how he'll use his prize.

"I owe money on my ranch, and this will get that paid off," he said.  "I also have two kids who have graduated, one last year and one this year.  This will pay for them to go to college."

"Texas Two Step always has a significant jackpot to give away, and this one was notable for rolling up to nearly $2 million from a starting point of $200,000," said Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director Gary Grief.  "It's especially fitting that Mr. Clark will use part of his prize to send his two high school graduates to college.  The Lottery's proceeds go to the Foundation School Fund to benefit public education."

The Huntington Speed Mart is located at 191 Highway 69 in Huntington.  The store is eligible to receive a retailer bonus of $10,000 for having sold the ticket that matched the numbers drawn.  Those were 34—15—2—3, and 17 was the Bonus Ball number.