After losing his leg, Apple Springs man learns to run again

Kendrick Mark and Brooks Raney
Kendrick Mark and Brooks Raney

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) – He lost his leg two years ago in a motorcycle accident.

After receiving a prosthesis, a 28-year-old Apple Springs veteran has learned to walk, and now he's learning to run again.

With just a few months of training, Kendrick Mark is competing in competitive races.

He says losing his leg will not hold him back.

"I have incurable joint disease, I've had brain cancer, I have a muscle disease. I've had several different things that are wrong with me and I've just had to overcome them so I think this is just another step."

His prosthetic leg gave him the ability to walk again. But now he's ready to run…fast.

"It's rough and tough on you but I think its fun."

Brooks Raney spent his whole life as an amputee. He opened Twin City Orthotics and Prosthetics in Lufkin, last October, to help people like Kendrick be as comfortable as possible, doing the things they love.

"Everybody wants to get back to what they were doing before the limb loss so we're here to help them to get back to that," said Raney.

Raney designed the perfect prosthesis for running, light weight, with just enough support. It has taken Kendrick some getting used to.

"A little bit at a time, I began to trust it more and more," Kendrick said.

But in just a few months time, he's ready to compete.

"He's more the exception than the rule," said Raney.

Kendrick is preparing for the 2010 Endeavor Games in Oklahoma, where he'll compete against hundreds of others, who are just like him.

"We'll see whose gonna be the best which I think I am but hey."

Until then, he'll be at the Hudson high school track, training for the big event.

Kendrick says this summer, he'll take the plunge, to learn how to swim again.

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