Livingston man shares his idea for the oil spill clean-up

Thomas Lynn Williford
Thomas Lynn Williford
Tracy Horton
Tracy Horton

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Oil industry veterans to common people are coming up with ways on how to stop the BP oil leak.

The BP oil spill has captured the interest of millions, including Thomas Lynn Williford.

"I was watching the evening news and I'd seen what had failed; what they used on there and that's what gave me the idea," said Williford.

So he drew his idea on a piece of notebook paper.

"I came up with this on my first try. I was sitting there. It took me a while. I was sitting there, thinking about it overnight and came up with this idea," said Williford.

Williford joins countless more Americans wanting to share solutions, like Tracy Horton a Dallas Oil Industry veteran trying to get his design to the right person.

"This one is to the president at This one's to BP; this one's to BP, this one's actually to three different departments at BP," said Horton.

The reality is the ideas may never go any farther than the paper they're written on.

"I don't want a dime out of it. I just want to see the sea life protected and children have places to play on the beaches," said Williford.

He just wants the world to be a cleaner place.

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