Lufkin City Council looks into cracking down on uninsured drivers

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nobody wants their car towed.

But it could be if you get caught driving without insurance, if a new city policy is approved. Tow truck driver Carl Smith hopes it does.

"There's so many of them out there and people getting hit all the time by uninsured motorists," Smith said.

Lufkin City Council members are considering the police department's answer to cut the number of uninsured drivers down.

"It has been an ongoing problem for a long time," Spokesman J.B. Smith said.

With the new policy -- if a driver is stopped by police or in an accident -- they wouldn't be allowed to go any further.

"They don't have insurance the vehicle would be towed from the scene," Smith said.

If the city council approves the policy and it does go into effect, uninsured drivers will not only have to pay for insurance, but also pay non-consent towing fees which start around $200.

That's because drivers couldn't get their car released from the tow yard until they pay a visit to the municipal court with proof of insurance.

"Municipal court will provide them with a certificate -- a raised, seal certificate showing it was authenticated from the municipal court so they can carry that to the tow company and retrieve their vehicle," Smith said.

If the law is passed it could give tow companies a boost.

"I think it'll cause an increase in what we call non-consent towing," Smith said.

Smith, however, says he would rather see folks get insurance than have their business.

"That way if you hit my truck by accident I know your insurance company is going to cover it," Smith said.

That's something all insured driver's would appreciate too.

The city council says they are waiting to hear from the public, before making a final decision. Lufkin PD is taking feedback as well. Right now, they have received numerous calls in support of the law, but they encourage others with an opinon to call.

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