Nacogdoches man camped out at BP with his clean-up idea

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Friday evening, a merchant marine from Nacogdoches is in Louisiana pitching his answer to soaking up the BP oil spill.

James Suits wants to distribute a chemical agent commonly used to contain oil, but the sole manufacturer is having trouble getting BP's attention.

"This is a salt water sample taken from the Gulf of Mexico," explained Suits.

He freights supplies to oil rigs just 20 miles from the BP oil spill.  Suits brought a sample of the mess home and started adding to it.

"I'm trying to make the water in this bucket look like the water that I have seen offshore," said Suits to make a point that he knows of a chemical agent that will soak up the oily messes.

"I'm going to go ahead and put two scoops in here," he said.

Within minutes he said, "Oh, lookey here what we got."

The oil rises to the surface in a bread dough consistency which can be picked up. He wants to contain it on a much larger scale.

"I can suck this up into a barge offshore by the barge load," Suits said.

In a fresh water demonstration, he shows just how safe the results are as he drinks the water.

Suits has tight connections with the manufacturer.

"I can get it down to the gulf coast in major quantities and deliver it exactly where it needs to be," he said. "All I got to do is get someone to listen me."

The compound is sold to the Navy for oil spills, but the only response from BP is a less than promising text message.

"You will be in our data base," Suits reads from his phone.  "You do not need to call again."

"Now remember, this is the one we added diesel," he said holding the original water up.

Suits isn't giving up. His livelihood depends on a clean gulf.

"That is my whole life," he said.  "It has been since I was 17 years old. They're killing it."

Suits is on the gulf coast, camped out in front of the BP office.  The captain of a multi-ton vessel wants to use it to distribute the chemical agent directly on the spill.  His idea is one of thousands that has been submitted to BP as a solution.