Shelby County residents concerned about recent burglaries

Constable Stanley Burgay
Constable Stanley Burgay
Randy Ballard, owner of American Outdoor Power
Randy Ballard, owner of American Outdoor Power

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) – Shelby County has seen their share of news within the past few months.

Now, officials are investigating a slew of recent burglaries they say began at the beginning of May.

Residents say with everything going on, they are just trying to maintain a peaceful community.

Constable Stanley Burgay is investigating a string of recent suspicious burglaries.

"The sheriff's department and myself, we've been trying to run down any lead we can get. There's some evidence that could possibly link some of these burglaries as being the same people involved in them," said Burgay.

Its evidence that can't be revealed until the investigation moves further along.

Burgay says there's been at least seven burglaries in Shelby County within the past few weeks. He's asking residents to contact the Sheriff's Department if they see any suspicious activity.

Randy Ballard, owner of American Outdoor Power, says his shop was burglarized six weeks ago.

"They cut a hole in the side of the wall and stole a lot of yard equipment," said Ballard.

Brand new equipment.

"I did not have insurance on them at the time, I just got them. I hadn't even got the invoice on them yet," said Ballard.

Residents hope those responsible will soon be caught.

"We work hard for our stuff. We want to keep it," said Wanda Arbello.

"I try to be safe and you know just more cautious and be there for everybody else and help them," said Karla Bright.

Timpson residents say they're focused on keeping the peace in a hard working community.

"We try and stand by each other when something happens. We help each other out," said Arbello.

"All people around here are hard working and they kind of keep their nose to the grind stone. We don't worry about everybody else's problems," said Ballard.

We contacted Shelby County Sheriff Newton Johnson Friday, for an interview, but he was not available for comment.

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