Authorities catch Polk County runaway inmate

Daniel Falls mug shot courtesy of Polk County Jail.
Daniel Falls mug shot courtesy of Polk County Jail.

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

Livingston, TX (KTRE) - It was homecoming of sorts Monday afternoon at the Polk County Jail.    Daniel Falls returned to law enforcement custody, and ending the exhaustive two week manhunt.

"It's a relief," said Lt. Anthony 'Andy' Lowrie, Polk Co. Sheriff's Office - Narcotics.

Lieutenant Lowrie helped with Falls capture and re-arrest in La Porte, TX where the sheriff's office investigation had led them to a cousin's home.

Lowrie described it as a, "...Coordinated effort between several agencies, a long investigation... Learned the whereabouts about where he might be. Joined efforts with La Porte P.D., and was able take him into custody without incident."

Although the manhunt is over, the investigation is far from it - thanks to possible family members involvement in Falls alluding of law enforcement.

"It is our belief that family members aided through out this ordeal... I'm sure there will be additional arrests," said Lowrie.

Now Falls will resume life as Polk County Jail inmate.  Polk County Assistant District Attorney Joe Martin offered welcoming words to their returning inmate, "We're glad to have Daniel back in our community of residence... We hope he'll be with us for a good, long time."

Lt. Lowrie described what the end of the two week manhunt felt like: "Maybe we can get some sleep."

Not only the sheriff's office , but a concerned community, can now take a collective sigh of relief because Falls is again behind bars.

martin said he would be in touch with Daniel Falls' attorney to start working on his new charge: criminal offence of escape from a correctional facility. They also said they allowed Falls to make one phone call to let his mom know he was O.K.

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