6/8/10 Nacogdoches Police report

THEFT - 2500 BLOCK OF SOUTH STREET:  A computer and a speaker were reported missing from a business.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE - 3200 BLOCK OF CHIMNEY ROCK:  Entry was forced to a vehicle and a purse and contents removed.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF - 700 BLOCK OF EAST MAIN: Was broken out of a building. No entry was made. A window

ROBBERY - 3200 BLOCK O FLOGAN CIRCLE:  Complainant reported that he was assaulted by 4-5 male suspects and  his cell phone was stolen.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF - 900 BLOCK OF JACK LOCK: Unknown suspects broke out the window on the rear of a home. No entry was made.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE - 600 BLOCK OF TEJAS: Complainant reported a vehicle entered and personal items were taken. No forced entry noted.

THEFT - 4900 BLOCK OF NE STALLINGS DRIVE:  Complainant reported that unknown suspects removed a coin purs from a big purse.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE - 1600 BLOCK OF CARDINAL:  A locked vehicle was entered and a wallet was taken. Another vehicle was also entered at the same location and an iPod, a GPS and a school ring were stolen.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE - 300 BLOCK OF HARRIS STREET:  An unsecured vehicle was entered and a GPS and some money were stolen.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE - 1600 BLOCK OF CARDINAL:  An iPod, a gift card, and a pair of sunglasses were stolen from an unsecured vehicle.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE - 5200 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET: Complainant reported that unauthorized persons had made purchases on a debit card.

HIT AND RUN - 200 BLOCK OF EAST PILAR STREET: Unknown suspects struck a parked and unattended vehicle and left the scene without giving information.

THEFT - 400 BLOCK OF SE STALLINGS DRIVE: Complainant reported that unknown suspects had removed approximately $200.00 from a purse.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION - 900 BLOCK OF JACK LOCK:  Two computers were stolen from inside a residence by an unknown suspect.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE - 2900 BLOCK OF CHIMNEY ROCK:  A wallet and contents were taken from a vehicle. No forced entry.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION - 3800 BLOCK OF MAID MARION:  A pressure washer was stolen from inside a garage.