Group strives to clear up confusion with health care reform, while breaking down the new law

Anne Dunkelberg- Associate Director at Center for Public Policy Priorities
Anne Dunkelberg- Associate Director at Center for Public Policy Priorities

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) – Health care reform became law in March, but some East Texans are still in the dark about what it means for them.

Tuesday, "Organizing for America", a community-organizing project of the Democratic National Committee, is explaining the details at Stephen F. Austin University.

Associate director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin, Anne Dunkelberg spoke at the event.

"There's strong feelings kind of evenly divided among Americans about the new health reform law, but when they start asking questions about what's in the new law, it turns out that people don't really know much about it," said Dunkelberg.

Part of her job description is helping others understand health care reform.

"The more people understand what's really in the law, the better."

Tuesday, she talks to East Texans about what the law will mean for them, by breaking down the basics and working to clear up any confusion.

"There's a lot of conjecture maybe even misinformation that is out there," said Regional Lead for "Organizing for America", Vic Verma.

They aim to clear up a few things.

"It is not providing free care to a bunch of people but it is saying that we're going to guarantee that you don't have to go over a certain percentage of your income to get a decent standard of care," said Dunkelberg.

"There's the confusion that people are going to lose their health care or lose their ability to have the same level of health coverage and that is something we're working on, making sure people are aware that that is not the case," said Verma.

They say they want people to understand the benefits of the new law.

"This is a state where one in three working aged adults doesn't have health insurance. So we really have the biggest problem and we stand to gain the most of any state," said Dunkelberg. "This health reform bill got caught up in a lot of politics. I think that we're going to find that probably 90 percent of what's in the new law, people will really like."

The health care discussions will continue throughout the week. Presentations will be held in Tyler and Longview.

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