East Texans have received some heavy, but much needed rain

By:  Brad Hlozek

After ending the month of May on a hot and dry note, we have seen a role reversal in the month of June up to this point.

This role reversal includes rain and thunderstorms across the Texas Forest Country on five of the nine days so far this month.  It's just not rain either; it's heavy rain, something we have been wanting and needing for quite some time.

So far through the first nine days of June, the Angelina County Airport has received 3.12" of rain.  That is a surplus of 1.66" for the month.

However, for the year we are still behind nearly 6.50" on rainfall.  So despite the fact we have received some much needed rain as of late, we could certainly use some more, just not all at once.

The rain we saw today was the heaviest and most widespread rain event by far.

Glenda Douglas, our weather watcher in Crockett, called in with a whopping 3.30" of rain from Wednesday's downpours.  We also received 1.70" from Gordon Hooker in Groveton and Cindy Hoyt in Kennard.

While these were the award winners, most areas did get anywhere from 0.50" to 1.0" on average across Deep East Texas.

The reason for our recent rain events this week has been an upper low just sitting and spinning over North Central Texas.  Due to its slow movement, it just spins and brings us multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms.

This same low pressure system did bring flooding rains to parts of Bryan/College Station as well as areas around the Waco area on Wednesday as over 4"of rain fell in these areas.

This low will be close by on Thursday, giving us more rain showers, some of which will be heavy.

So plan on keeping your umbrellas around for at least a couple more days because odds are you will need them at some point.