Study Finds Women Largely Confined to Traditional `Pink-Collar' Jobs

Washington-AP -- Women are more likely to work in professional careers today than 20 years ago, but they're still largely confined to traditional "pink-collar" jobs.
That's according to a study by the American Association of University Women.
It finds the highest proportions of college-educated working women are in teaching and nursing.
Overall, women are largely working as secretaries, bookkeepers, sales supervisors, nurses, waitresses, receptionists and cooks. That's according to the study being released tomorrow, and it cites data from the Census Bureau.
Mary Ellen Smyth is president of the association's Educational Foundation. She says women are being left behind in the new high-tech economy.
The study says women have achieved parity with men in obtaining four-year college degrees. But women aren't sufficiently prepared to move into the fastest-growing occupations, which include software designers and engineers.

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