New social networking site for kids stresses parent involvement

Jennifer Gage and her son Ethan
Jennifer Gage and her son Ethan

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Togetherville" is a new site giving kids freedom to connect with friends.

"It sounds like a good idea," said 11-year-old Kallen Treadway.

It comes with little freedom-- parents have control over their kids accounts at all times.

"I've wondered when they were going do something for the younger ones," said Jennifer Gage, a parent.

Kids can only join when their parents create a login using their own facebook accounts. Mom and dad can approve or reject their kids' friends at anytime.

"That way parents can actually monitor what they're kids are doing because there's so much out there we don't know what they're getting into," said Gage.

Once logged on kids can give gifts, find friends, and even choose from a pre-selected menu of status updates called "quips"."

"I'd talk to friends during summer because my friends don't have cell phones so it's fun to talk to them," said Treadway.

"It would be cool especially if it's safe so people can't track you," said 11-year-old John Lee.

Parents can even interact with their kids through the site, sending them virtual gifts, and viewing any of their online activity.

"It's a good idea," said Gage. "As long as I can watch it."

Togetherville creators hope it will keep kids under 13 from facebook, steering them into a safe environment that encourages parent involvement. It's something both kids and parents are excited about.

"Everything is going more technology wise so this for the child, that would be good," said parent and grandmother, Jerri Ledford.

"When I get home I promise I'll look it up and I'll be on it," said 11-year-old Stephanie Mcclain.

It's free to join. Just go to for more information.

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