6/13 Lufkin Police report

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING 1900 BLK. S.  FIRST A front window to a business was broken out.  Surveillance video shows a subject entering the business and possibly stealing cigarettes.

THEFT 100 BLK.  HICKORY HILL A woman reported a known suspect was in her residence and stole her wallet.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 400 BLK. MONTROSE A man reported his front door glass being shattered.

ASSAULT 1400 BLK. SAYERS A 16 year old female reported being beaten with a belt by her father.  The female received several injuries about her body consistent with being struck with a belt.  The injuries appeared minor and medical treatment was not sought.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE 3200 BLK. DANIEL MCCALL A man reported a friend took his vehicle after he told him he was dating his mother.  The vehicle was located unoccupied in a local parking lot and returned to the owner.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 2900 BLK. S. JOHN REDDITT A man reported someone "keyed" his vehicle.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE 3500 BLK. S. JOHN REDDITT Officers were dispatched to a disturbance call.  Upon arrival, Officers were told by a male that his wife was cheating on him and he has not been home for three days.  Upon returning home, a disturbance occurred and the male said he was struck with a fan and chased with a coffee pot.  The wife advised the male had been gone on a crack binge.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 100 BLK. PARKVIEW CIRCLE A woman reported someone entered her residence and stole her television.

THEFT 4600 BLK. S. MEDFORD A woman reported paying for clothing and then decided to shop some more.  The woman left the paid for clothing at the register and upon attempting to retrieve it, realized her clothing had been given to another customer.

FRAUD 100 BLK. CHAMPIONS A man reported unauthorized charges to his credit/debit card after his wife received a phone call from a business requesting personal information.

THEFT 1600 BLK. ATKINSON A woman reported a female entered a store on two separate days and stole baby clothes and men's undershirts.

BURGLARY 1100 BLK. S. TIMBERLAND A man reported someone broke off the door handle of his vehicle, possibly in an attempt to gain entry to commit theft.

BURGLARY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE 1100 BLK. S. TIMBERLAND A man reported someone broke the drivers side window out of his vehicle.  The dash board had been pulled in an attempt to remove the stereo.

BURGLARY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE 1200 BLK. OLETA A woman reported some friend of hers saw two males steal a purse out of her vehicle.  The friends chased the suspects to a residence.  Officers responded and identified several males in the residence and identifications were made by the witnesses. The items taken from the vehicle were recovered nearby.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT 100 BLK. GATEWOOD A woman reported being struck in the head with a tree limb, causing a cut to her head.