Judge Orders Man to Remove Carpet That Serves as Lawn

Port Richey, Florida-AP -- A Florida judge has ordered a retired couple to pull up their carpet -- from their front yard.

Steve and Mildred Nadwairski have covered their lawn with multicolored swatches -- because they say they've had no luck with grass seed or landscape logs.

They also say spending 250 dollars for sod is too much.

Steve Nadwairski says he didn't think it was written anywhere that you couldn't have carpet on your front lawn.

But, turns out Pasco County in western Florida has an ordinance forbidding the collection of "public nuisance items" such as junk cars and appliances.

A prosecutor says old carpet fits the bill.

The neighbors seemed to be pleased with the ruling. One says the carpeting -- which is wet all the time -- looks "nasty."

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