Lufkin celebrates Flag Day with City Hall ceremony

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Each day, it rises with the sun... waving proudly over a nation built on freedom.  The American flag is an enduring reminder of those who have fought to protect those liberties.

It's a symbol of unmatched emotion. The American flag is unifying.

"I just get chill bumps every time I think about 'ol glory' flying," Billy Stovall, VFW member.

The flag may be red, white and blue, but it brings together people of every shape, size and color.

"It breaks down even barriers of color. We have black, white, Hispanic, Indian - all nationalities of people that fought in our wars," said Peggy Dixon, Veteran's Wife.

Audrey Davenport came to share her message of support.

"I keep a flag out all the time. I thought flag day us everyday for me and it should be for everyone," said Audrey Davenport, Attendant.

Others reflected on the sacrifices of time, energy and lives for the country over which this flag flies.

Veterans were asked to sign the ceremony backdrop. Each of their signatures reminded attendants that our neighbors, our friends and our family have fought, are fighting, or will fight to keep our flag a symbol of our freedom.

"Freedom for our country and our ancestors that fought so hard for it. And they're still fighting hard for it," said Davenport.

Bill Stovall is one such veteran. He wanted folks to remember the amazing history of our nation when they get a glimpse of old glory.

"It's the heritage of our nation. The heritage of the nation - Always flies high, never been dipped," said Stovall.

For the patriotic, flag day represents our hard-fought freedom. Peggy Dixon is thankful.

"We're in a free country. They have the choices to make - to do good or bad - whichever one. But they have the freedom," said Dixon.

And that's the blessing of being an American.

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